UNIFILT is capable of assisting treatment facilities in meeting the changing government and environmental requirements, relying on our continued technological design advancement of both our customized removal and installation equipment.

UNIFILT’s unique and versatile maintenance menu offers on ever-broadening range of Filter Maintenance Services, resulting in expedient, cost-effective project completion that has satisfied thousands of our customers.

Because there are virtually no media replacements without unexpected challenges, our ability to respond is the key to UNIFILT’s success!

Specializing in “turnkey” services demonstrates UNIFILT’s commitment to world-class service. During a typical Filter Media Replacement, UNIFILT successfully responded to an unexpected emergency repair needed on the city’s existing clay tile underdrain system, expanding our original work.

Challenge Outline:

  • Removal of Attrited Support Gravel and Filter Media
  • Removal of the grout key between individual underdrain tiles and lateral joints
  • Removal of the block from center of each lateral and flushing of any sand and debris from inside the laterals.
  • Reinstallation of removed block. Regrouting of all blocks. Regrouting of all lateral key joints.
  • Furnish new, high-quality Support Gravel and UNIRATE Dual-Media Systems, utilizing Anthrafilt- Anthracite Filter Media.
  • Installation of new UNIRATE Dual-Media System.

Municipalities use UNIFILT because we understand the importance of reducing their expense of time and money by providing alternatives to costly equipment replacement.

From the simplest designs to the most complex and demanding applications, UNIFILT gives customers proven reliability year after year.

Rely on UNIFILT – call toll free 1-800-223-2882. We understand your challenges and meet your expectations.