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Unifilt Services Extreeme Conditions

Extreme conditions
and extraordinary
situations call for

Unifilt Corporation sets the industry
standard in filter maintenance.

Since our founding in 1977, customers around the world have turned to us again and again for filter repair as well as filter materials removal and installation. Our experts use specialized equipment and time-tested techniques to solve even the toughest problems, all while keeping your plant running and your employees working. As an added value, we supply complete bed design analysis including headloss, along with expansion data for any bed configuration.

Prefer a Complete Packaged
Solution, including filter media
removal, installation and guaranteed
compatibility of components?

Unifilt will guide you through your filter project’s evaluation and design phases, and continue to provide support throughout supply, installation and start-up.

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Professional Services Include:

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Unifilt’s professional field installation team will set up the temporary piping and anchorage, connect an air supply via one of their mobile, diesel- powered blowers that features automated controls, and provide comprehensive, onsite operator training. As the piping runs through existing windows and doors, with no permanent physical plant alterations required, it can be easily relocated or removed at any time. Improved plant efficiencies can be realized and quantified prior to purchase.